Rose Cant

Rose Dann is a self-taught cook, a professional actress, and a voiceover artist. Her three great passions are performing, cooking, and being a mother to her two young children, Merlin and Wilder.

“Mum on Muddy Lane” is her social media handle, which quickly became famous for a poached egg hack that Rose jokily posted one day, that rapidly reached of 67 million views. One of the most viral videos of 2023.

All that aside Rose adds…

“I decided it was time to put my talents and passions into something useful, by cooking easy meals, and hopefully making people laugh too.”

She started filming herself cooking, then presenting the films with comical voiceovers and “relatable-anyone can cook guides”.
Rose has now successfully works as an influencer for foodie brands the country over, and also plans to write a cook book based on her busy cornish, family lifestyle.

“I’m flying the flag for all the home cooks, the ones that aren’t applauded for getting the 7th meal of the week onto the table effortlessly, using up odds and ends they have in the fridge and what their wallets allow. Fantastic food doesn’t have to be pretentious or expensive. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at the Padstow Xmas festival and having some fun sharing one of my easy, delicious Christmas recipes with everyone.”