Mischief the Mermaid



Meet Mischief the Mermaid. A real life professional mermaid. Appearing in the folklore of many cultures, mermaids and merman have fascinated humans for decades. And with most of our planet covered by water, it’s little wonder that we feel ruled by the sea!

For Mischief, the ocean represents that elusive, magical space for which we spend our whole lives searching. “I love the magic of the mystery.  There are so many secrets that we will never know about. We are an afternoon in the big scheme of all the thousands of years. So how can we say what is or isn’t?.”

SSI Free Diver, Ocean Mermaid Instructor and mother of 3 boys, Mischief the Mermaid swims the length of Cornwall raising money for Young Minds and Cornwall’s Mind charity whilst teaching people to be mermaids and swim safely when out in the big blue

A storytelling goddess, Mischief is all about communicating ocean conservation in a happy and fun way through the magical myths of the sea.  “It’s our mermaid’s duty that we voice out and speak on behalf of the sea and its marine life. Because if we’re not going to stick up for them, if we’re just going to sit on rocks and look pretty, then who is going to speak?”

Find Mischief in the Jellyfish Field for storytelling hour, plus Oyster Stage lots of secret appearances and meet-and-greets across the weekend.