Date: Sat Jul 31st

Valentine Warner is a cook, food writer and broadcaster. He is renowned for his vibrant ways, his deep understanding of ingredients and his ability to make something delicious with apparently little. Cooking in home kitchens, up trees and in jungles, he describes his kitchen approach as ‘international grandmother’ and would consider any comparison to Keith Floyd an honour. 

Viewing his field guides as important as his cook books, Val’s deep love of nature sets him apart from many other chefs. He loves to bring the outdoors indoors and can be relied upon to empty out his hood and pockets of opportunities collected along the way, following forays into the great outdoors. He likes to view life in simple terms: ‘edible’ or ‘inedible’.

Val has authored six cookbooks including The Good Table: Adventures In and Around My Kitchen. He featured on TV’s What to Eat Now in 2008 and has since appeared on Valentine Warner: Coast to Coast, Great British Food Revival and Country Show Cook Off.

His 2019 book, The Consolation of Food, is described as a collection of stories about life and death, seasoned with recipes. Its dishes are organised chronologically, recognising the positive energy that foraging or fishing for ingredients can create.


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