Sister Stories Women’s Sharing Circle is an opportunity for women to come together; to be seen and heard; and experience a creative, expansive space of truth telling, healing, and transformation.

Grounded in the primal and magical tradition of storytelling, this circle will deepen your sense of connection to self and other; and experience the simple joy that comes from knowing we’re all in it together.

Sister Stories Circles have been offering this simple yet magical circle practice for five years, inviting hundreds of women into the gentle yet radical act of coming together in an ancient way, in a space where we can step out of the parts we play in daily life and settle into the truth of our being.

During this event we’ll come together in a small, cosy gathering of women and will have the opportunity to share authentically whatever we wish to give voice to. There is no pressure to speak aloud, no pressure to be vulnerable, simply the invitation to soften into a different way of being, where we need bring nothing but our presence.

Many people report these gatherings to have a hugely therapeutic effect although they are not therapy. We find in our gatherings there is much space for joy, celebration and humour as well as vulnerability. Part of the invitation of the space is to play witness as well as to be witnessed, so we ask that you exercise discernment around whether you are able to listen to the shares of others, which is such a big part of the experience.

Once the event begins, there will be no further entries to respect the confidentiality and integrity of the space, so please do your best to be on time.

Come, gather, take time out to connect to your heart and to your Sisters