Ranger’s Oyster Bar


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What’s an Oyster Festival without oysters folks?! Find Ranger and his squad just up from the Chef Tipis and enjoy local Porthilly Rock Oysters. For Rock Oyster, Chris works with Tim and the team who grow oysters in the River Camel to serve incredible oysters alongside a glass of bubbly.

Ranger is an oysterman and registered shellfish merchant who grew up in Porthscatho (a small village on the Cornish coast, home to Simon Stallard‘s Hidden Hut). He is dedicated to the sustainable sourcing and handling of seafood and in the winter gathers native oysters and queen scallops aboard his traditional oyster boat, the Alf Smythers, using oyster dredges in the traditional way under sail and oar. (You may have seen him on Rick Stein’s Cornwall Series 3)

The river Fal, where he fishes, is a Special Area of Conservation, and this method has been used sustainably for 1000 years. The oyster ground is one of the last wild Ostrea Edulis fishing grounds in existence, and his is probably the last regulated fishing fleet to work under sail in the world. Because they fish under sail, they are not permitted to use machinery or engines; they drift with the tide, using the wind to direct the angle of the boat. They do everything by hand: pulling the dredges in, pulling the sails up, grading the oysters, putting them in the tank and lastly boxing them up for delivery (to a few of our chefs like Mark Hix!)

Ranger is passionate about supporting the local community and preserving the ocean for future generations. He is a seafood expert who sells some of the finest local seafood and has a deep knowledge of the Cornish coast and the freshest ingredients that can be found there. When he’s not out on the water, he can be found exploring the Cornish and Brittany coast in his boat. His love for the ocean and the environment is infectious, and he is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for the fishing industry in Cornwall.

You’ll also find Ranger’s Oysters in the Coral Club and popping up around the site from time to time with his Oyster Carts!

Ranger says this about his menu – “I like to keep the menu classic and simple but with a few extra flavours, my personal favourite is the Yuzu Citrus Soy and the rum misted oyster is a must!” 

Ranger’s latest project, his Cornish Canning Co concept, has just been approved, making it the first Cornish Canning Company since the 1940’s. He will soon be launching the canned Porthilly vs Rock Oyster cans, which you’ll be able to pre-order for collection when you arrive!

Chris Ranger yw skiber tewennow Kernewek hag erhewgher tewntyler pysk a vynwonir ha dhe weladew dhe’n vledhen a rug dhodho dhe’n banow Porthscatho, tre dhe’n pobel lemmynsydh Kernow. Devys yw dhe’n kasadow a-dro dhe dhewghow dyskans ha kelladow pysk ha kavos yn-dannow a vaynol ha scallops erynnek a-bord a’n bwat ostrowes traditional, An Alf Smythers, a-dro dhe’n hwil dhe’n dorlann yn-dann gwag ha’n gwari. A-dro dhe’n Karow Koral y’n gew, ha kavos i’n lelow dhe’n le omma diworth pellwnt a-bellwnt!