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Date: Sun Aug 1st

https://www.oliviadeano.com/ https://www.instagram.com/oliviadeano/?hl=en https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYKlku5Zg5FnAc3bgY7kQnA

Walthamstow-born Olivia Dean is an emotional, confessional singer-songwriter. She began nurturing her gifts at a young age and attended the prestigious Brits School, where she worked on her songwriting craft. She is already one very polished artist. 

In the grips of a worldwide pandemic, Olivia realised she had to find her own sunshine: a summer without music was not an option. ‘This was meant to be my first summer of playing festivals, and I just didn’t want to accept that it wasn’t going to happen! I’m constantly trying to bring as much positivity to the table as I can.’

Making good on the optimistic community spirit of early lockdown and her do-it-yourself upbringing, the rising East London star teamed up with Clarks to present the From Me To You tour in a self-contained yellow truck that allowed her to share her soulful voice with fans across the coast. 

This exposure allowed her to consolidate the interest she’s been growing ever since her poignant debut single, Reason to Stay, caught the eye of London label AMF. With over eight million streams on Spotify alone, we don’t think Olivia will be playing out of the back of a truck for much longer.


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