Date: Sun Aug 1st

London-based songwriter Nick Mulvey already had a wealth of musical knowledge before coming to the fore with a solo project in 2012. With years of formal education in Havana, Cuba, Nick studied music and art, as well as being an active member of a Mercury Award nominated outfit, Portico Quartet

Nick’s first musical interactions were with piano and drums before he acquired a guitar in southern Spain aged 18. He moved to Cuba a year later, and returned to the UK to study Ethnomusicology at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), submerging himself in different styles of music and specialising in West and Central African in particular. 

In 2005, during his time at SOAS, Mulvey met his Portico Quartet bandmates, where he played the hang drum. After a successful stint with the outfit (including their Mercury Prize nomination in 2008, 150 shows worldwide, and signing to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records), Mulvey decided it was time to leave in 2011 and return to his first inspiration, the guitar. 



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