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Date: Sun Aug 1st

British artist Nathan Ball hopes to return to live stages in 2021 with new music and a brand new live show. His debut album (which he helped write and produce) will be released later this year and follows a quiet yet formative 2020 for the artist, riding high off the back of his well-received collaboration with dance legends, Faithless, on their latest album, All Blessed

Everything about this singer-songwriter feels unforced. A natural, easy, calming presence, his music scales universal emotional highs with as much fluidity as it descends into moody introspection.

Finding inspiration in the outdoors, much of Nathan’s material is connected to his surroundings. He says, ‘It’s where I write best: by the sea, in the mountains, in the woods. I love being totally immersed in nature so, naturally, those themes find their way into the music. I love being in the ocean – just being in it, and feeling totally insignificant. It’s a reminder of the order of things.’

Listen out for tracks including Nathan’s beautifully poignant singles, Just Say Something and All Comes Back to You, plus his planned spring 2021 new release, Blindside.


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