George Egg

Wonderment presents Belly Full of Laughs Comedy Night  

George Egg, the comedic culinary maestro, serves up a riotous blend of laughter and kitchen chaos in his unforgettable shows. Imagine a wild mashup of stand-up comedy and cooking, with George wielding unconventional tools and cooking up a storm of hilarity!

In 2015, George debuted ‘ANARCHIST COOK’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, turning hotel room cooking into a sidesplitting sensation. It sold out fast and earned him the prestigious SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE AWARD, launching him on a whirlwind tour across the globe.

Not one to play it safe, George returned in 2017 with ‘DIY CHEF’, cooking up a storm in a shed with power tools. The result? Another Edinburgh triumph and a tour that left audiences hungry for more.

In 2019, George brought ‘MOVABLE FEAST’ to Edinburgh, showcasing the art of cooking in cars, trains, and planes to sold-out crowds. His TV appearances on shows like ‘Bake Off: An Extra Slice’ and ‘This Morning’, along with podcast gigs, have cemented his status as a culinary comedy legend.

With a recipe book bursting with laughs and a passport full of stamps, George Egg continues to spread joy and hilarity across the globe. So grab a seat and get ready for a culinary adventure like no other—with George Egg, the laughs are always served fresh and piping hot! 🍳🎉