Freshly Squeezed


Freshly Squeezed are an evolution of funk, soul and hip hop hailing from the vibrant South West UK. A musical force that seamlessly blends heavy horns with soulful melodies and formidable MC. The self titled EP dropped at the end of 2023 to great reception, and with it the band has solidified its status as a rising star in the funk scene.

Known for electrifying live performances, Freshly Squeezed are a staple of the South West music scene. Further afield they command festival stages with an undeniable energy that leaves crowds thirsty for more. Their sonic prowess has caught the attention of Joss Stone, Craig Charles and BBC Radio, where their tracks have been featured, further cementing their reputation as a must-listen act. Freshly Squeezed is not just a band; it’s an experience, a live mixtape that brings the funk to life, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.