Date: Fri Jul 30th

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The Dub Pistols coalesced in the mid-1990s, initially surfing the Big Beat wave along with acts such as the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim. They had chart hits like Cyclone and There’s Gonna Be A Riot on Concrete Records, remixed the likes of Moby and Limp Bizkit, and made dramatic inroads in the States. 

Their debut album, Point Blank, cemented their position as party-rockers extraordinaire, and by the time it came to their second album, Six Million Ways To Live (with guest vocals by reggae great Horace Andy and lead singer of The Specials, Terry Hall) they were more concerned with some of the world’s more pressing problems. 

They got more poppy as the Noughties progressed, with the album Speakers and Tweeters. This included a cover of Gangsters by The Specials – a track they had been making their own live. After guesting on their second album, estranged Specials singer Terry Hall started singing with them live.

The next Dub Pistols album, Rum and Coke, introduced more guest vocalists such as former Beats International vocalist, Lindy Layton. By 2012 they had consolidated their position as one of the foremost festival-rockers in Europe. Following their biggest selling album to date in 2017, Crazy Diamonds, non-stop touring and creativity in the studio saw their fan base grow in numbers with continued global support.

Like their incendiary live shows, their DJ sets are a riotous mix of dub, drum and bass, hip-hop, punk and ska. They had planned to tour in 2020 in support of their new releases, album and a documentary called, What The F*** Can Possibly Go Wrong. Quite a lot, it transpired! Look out 2021: the Dub Pistols are back. 


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