Aerial Yoga with Nay’s Yoga

Aerial Yin and Sound bath 

‘Escape, settle the mind, feel comfort and bliss with Aerial Yin and sound’   

In this workshop you will practice Aerial Yin Yoga and enjoy an immersive Sound Bath whilst still cocooned in your Aerial sling. 

The experience of lightness that you feel when suspended can have a huge impact on bringing a deep sense of peace into both the body and the mind, the healing sounds and vibrations of the Aerial Sound Bath can help us to delve deeper into ourselves as we feel cocooned and safe, away from the outside world, reducing tension while encouraging deep cleansing and healing from within.  

Aerial Yoga  

Using a combination of traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance with the use of an aerial hammock. It defies gravity and allows you to perform various yoga poses that may be difficult on the ground, but easier in mid-air. 

It’s fun, acrobatic and its many physical benefits include increasing flexibility, soothing back problems, building strength, improving balance, aiding digestion and can even improve memory! 

Sometimes our inner child gets lost in the demands of adulthood. This style of yoga brings the inner child alive as it lifts yoga off the mat and into the air.  Guaranteed to leave you with beaming smiles and a spring in your step!

Tickets prices and times 

Sessions last one hour including a 15-minute briefing 

Ticket cost 

Kids aerial Play £15

Aerial Yoga £24

Aerial yin and Sound bath £25

Maximum of five participants per session. 

Please note that participants must meet at the Aerial Yoga Base in Spa Morvoren at least 15 minutes before the class starts to allow enough time to get ready and fill out disclaimer forms.  

Friday 26th July :  

 Aerial Yoga Play for Teens & kids   2-3 pm  

 Aerial yin and Sound bath 3.30-4.30 pm  

Aerial Yoga 5-6 pm   

Saturday 27th July : 

  Aerial yin and Sound Bath 10-11am   

 Aerial Yoga Play for Teens & kids 11.30-12.30pm  

  Aerial Yoga 2-3pm  

 Aerial yin and Sound bath 3.30-4.30pm  

Sunday 28th July : 

Aerial Yin and Sound bath 10-11am   

 Aerial Yoga Play for Teens & kids 11.30-12.30pm  

  Aerial Yoga 2-3pm  

 Aerial yin and Sound bath 3.30-4.30pm 

Participants must; 

  •        Be 12yrs + for ‘Aerial Yoga and Aerial Yin and Sound bath’

        Be 7 yrs- 18 yrs for ‘Aerial Yoga Play Teens / Kids’ 

  •        Have a full range of body movement
  •        Sign a booking form including a disclaimer that the participant conducts the activity at their own risk. The guardian of any participant under 18yrs must complete and sign the booking form by way of consent for the minor to participate.



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